Adding A New Code Model (Notation)

In the introduction we pointed out that there are two main concepts - transformations and code models (notations). The code model, or notation, is a (serializable) representation of an algorithm. SolidOpt provides multiple different code models and various transformations between them. The term code model and the term notation will be used interchangeably. The notations and their transformations form the so called notation graph. That is a graph structure, whose nodes are the notations and the edges are its transformations. This howto explains how to add a new code model and plug it in SolidOpt's notation graph.

Implement A Code Representation

If you need another data structure representing the code, or flavor of existing one, implement it and add it in Transformations/CodeModel.


That wasn't too hard, however, if you want your new notation to "communicate" with another notation you will need to implement the so called Multimodel Transformation. Please see this howto.