Doxygen integration

A documentation system, which generates online documentation from the existing comments in the source code of SolidOpt, is integrated.

Doxygen is a documentation generation system, which uses specially tagged comments in the source code. Doxygen supports large number of programming languages and it can generate documentation in different formats (html, pdf, chm, ... etc.). The HTML format is very useful, because it can be uploaded to web server working directory. Besides doxygen can extract the code structure of the undocumented code, which enables the developers to browse the entire code using hyperlinks in the html files. The documentation system can create different diagrams and graphs, based on the existing source code.

The configuration file of Doxygen is in /trunk/doc/doxygen/conf/doxygen.conf of the SolidOpt repository. This is useful, when we are not using the SVN HEAD revision and we need synchronized with the current version documentation. In that case we can download doxygen form here and we can generate the documentation, which we need.