Downloading SolidOpt

svn co http://svn.solidopt.org/SolidOpt/trunk/ solidopt-src

Detailed information could be found at: our developers' section.

Building SolidOpt

SolidOpt uses CMake as a build system. In order to configure and build, you will need to download and install cmake. Currently, SolidOpt supports only out-of-source builds. To make an out-of-source build you have to create a build directory out of the source tree (Eg. next to solidopt-src):

mkdir solidopt-build

Building from the terminal

Go in solidopt-build folder:

cd solidopt-build

Then run configure, specifying the source folder and optional flags:

cmake ../solidopt-src

If you want cmake to generate sln and csproj files set VS10SLN flag to 1:

cmake ../solidopt-src -DVS10SLN=1

and run:

make -jN

where N is the number of cores of your machine.

Building using GUIs

For more "visual" experience you could use cmake-gui. Open cmake-gui application and set up source directory and build directory. If you want sln and csproj files, set up the VS10SLN flag to 1 and press the configure button.

Once the configuration step is completed, compiling the sources can be done by an IDE (such as Monodevelop.