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SolidOpt Developers' Meeting May 2013

The fourth SolidOpt Developes' Meeting will take at its usual place - the Faculty of Informatics and Mathematics at University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski" on 8 May 2013 at 9am (the room number will be announced soon).


  • SolidV - Visual Modeling Framework
  • Reusing SolidOpt's Build System to Build External Tools
  • Preparation for a release
  • Visual Ray Analyzer
  • General Discussion
  • We are pleased to announce our new initiative - hackers' session. After the presentations we will have a hackers' session where all developers will be presented. The idea is to allow people to do "hands on" known SolidOpt (SolidOpt-related) bugs and TODOs.

    SolidV-VisualModelingFramework-2013.en.pdf1.94 MB
    SolidOpt-ReusingSolidOptBuildSystem-2013.en.pdf1.18 MB
    SolidOpt RoadMap.pdf1.3 MB
    VisualRayAnalyzer.pdf1.03 MB