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SolidOpt - Innovative Multiple Model Software Optimization Framework

Abstract: This paper discusses building up a framework, which helps the automated and dynamic optimization of the software. Disadvantages of existing frameworks and systems are described. We determine the underlying main ideas and principles in the development of SolidOpt framework. The advantages and the need of using multiple models are discussed. We suggest a scheme, which generalizes the multiple model ideas. Software processes and their interaction with the (operational) environment are analyzed. We show the significance of the environment for the optimal execution of the computer programs. We examine an evolutionary approach for software system optimization depending on its behaviour in the environment. Adaptability and permissibility of the system evolution are discussed. Preliminary results of the experimental framework development are shown. The possibility of using SolidOpt with educational purposes to increase the students’ creativity and to encourage them to think innovatively is exposed.

Published: IEEE and STRL :The Second Conference on Creativity and
Innovations in Software Engineering, Ravda, 2009

IEEE and STRL :The Second Conference on Creativity and Innovations in Software Engineering
Ravda, Bulgaria
Vassil Vassilev
Alexander Penev
Tihomir Petrov
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